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Tres LogosARTX has about 700 logos developed (3600 draft) for companies in Germany,Austria,Switzerland,the Benelux countries and Italy itself!

5 Berlin graphic provide the ideas to your wishes!

What is the process to the finished logo?

Tagen After 3 daysEntwürfe 6 designsVarianten Each in 3 variants ,Fonts ) (Styles,colors,fonts)

Unser Berliner Grafiker wird Ihr direkter Ansprechpartner Our first Berlin graphic is your direct contact
durch. and leads you through a comprehensive briefing.
Die ersten 6 Entwürfe erhalten Sie nach ca. 3-4 Werktagen in jeweils 2 The first 6 designs available after 3-4 days in each
Sent 3 style,typography and color variations by email.
In Abstimmung mit Ihnen entwickelt der Grafiker aus den Entwürfen 3 In consultation with you, the graphic from the designs developed
further modifications and ideas to the final logo.

What exactly do you get for your money?

  • Exclusive Company Logo - Only you alone receive the final logo!
  • in verschiedenen Größen und Formaten (jpg/gif/tif) The final logo in various sizes and formats (jpg / gif / tif)
  • The lossless scalable original print file (eps / pdf)

Important: The prerequisite for optimal designs is a comprehensive and detailed briefing to the artist.90% of you like any of the designs very well.

In the internationally known band III " TRES LOGOS "a selection of our logo has been published.
You also can make a logo for professional applications!

Including price list for exclusive corporate logosscalable print file

Graphic services per hour
* zzgl. 19% MwSt. | Endverbaucherpreis 71, 40 € inkl. »€ 60 * plus 19% VAT | Endverbaucherpreis € 71.40 incl. 19% VAT.
* All prices are plus 19% VAT applies only to business customers!

  • Rebuild logo with logo and font: 8 h
    (Logo of written and pictorial elements including revisions,etc.)
  • Nachvektorisierung your existing logo (1-3h)
    (Business card,graphic,photo,etc. in a scalable printable
    EPS file.Depending on the difficulty about 1-3hrs of time.)

Companies logos artx

Source: www.artx.eu

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It's done all the time

I'm not sure why so many people here have such a hard time answering questions without showing off those big chips on their shoulders.
I've recently read a couple different case studies of young people (25-30 range) who have made lots of money with clever t-shirt businesses.
The predominant theme seemed to be establish a brand, then get the right people to wear your shirts (celebrities, etc.)
You can create your own designs for the shirts, or have artists design things for you. Pay the artists fairly, and make sure you buy the artwork as "work for hire." That way, you'll own the designs outright

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