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Top 10 Blogs marketing beginners most misunderstood concept text / gray Marigold

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First,the search engine ranking order of importance.

Search engines can not find,it means success,If you are unable to find their own within three rankings,in fact,there is about the same with no.

Second,the keyword is not there on the line.

Not to sell "clothes",as long as there is "clothes" the word appears,it means the right.In fact,clothes,for example,must contain more words,such as "men","women","clothing","clothing",etc. ..

Third,blog name / site name,can be ranked a search engine,it is only natural,rather than success. .

Name inherently less likely to repeat and unique,so it is easy to be ranked on the first page,or even the first.

For example,enter McDonald's,of course,McDonald's will appear on the first page,because the world is only one company named McDonald,conversely,if you enter the name of your site,but can not appear in the first page of the first one,that is failure failure.

Four,not just a set of keywords

Computer,for example,usually people may use "computer" when the keyword,but actually want to buy a computer for guests,but would not necessarily go to the computer as a keyword search.

For example,the "Quad-core","alone significantly desk machine","gaming machine",and so on,which is not even mentioned in the computer at all.

Therefore,to properly build out their products cover a wide range of keywords.

Five,the keyword is not exactly the same in order to be searched.

Facebook to face book,if we adopted the "face book" When the keyword,visitors enter "Facebook face book, " as can be found,but generally,the comparative rankings behind.


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Reply to the young buck

Thanks Josh for the questions.
When I graduated high school, I was willing to go to specialized graphic design school's as that was my passion at the time. Surprisingly, San Jose State just 20 miles away from home was in the top 10 list of art school's to attend not only because of the pogram, but the faculty that was there.
When I stepped into the photography program, I was gifted to have been taught by Ben Helprin, (who passed away), who taught commercial product photography and lighting with 4x5 chromes. AMAZING... considering 90% of the other courses were fine art oriented and concept theory heavy

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  • Avatar Nikita K Video Game Designers, what are some good courses to take to become one?
    Oct 22, 2007 by Nikita K | Posted in Higher Education (University +)

    I want to become a video Game designer since I love video games and i was wondering if Computer programing, graphic design are good courses. What else should i take?

    • There are a lot of misconceptions out there about what game design is. There is no art in game design. There is no programming. There is minimal testing. You don t need to know how to program or how to create art in order to be a game designer. Game design is done almost exclusively with writing and math. Game programmers program the games, game artists make the art, and game testers test the games. It s the designer s job to come up with the ideas …

  • Avatar ℒεigɦтσɳ ♥ Should I go into the Graphic Design field?
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    What jobs can you get with a 4 year graphic design degree? And, is it worth it? How soon will I be able to get a job working with graphic design out of college? What all does graphic design do? Is this field something that only offers jobs in NYC or CA? If you know any of these answers, please let me know. I m desperate here. Thank you so much.

    • Just because you know how to use the programs doesn t mean you ll get paid your type skills,composition and style might be terrible.But you can go into the Graphic Design field just focus on things like Flash Professional,Autodesk Maya, and if Dreamweaver learn HTML and PHP.The web is exploding and these areas will get you a job and paid fast.Its not worth it if you don t focus on an area that is booming