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Details Webitx company was founded in 2010, is a full-service website and graphic design studio, based in Cupertino, California in Los Angeles, we also have segments.

Services include general news sites and shopping website design and development, graphic design, search engine optimization, website hosting, website maintenance and any other Web site or marketing-related needs, we will help customers to find the best and most affordable solution .

Our team quite understand any of SMEs, private owners and non-profit organization's network requirements, and has helped many clients to complete website building and follow-up services. If you want the world through a network so that more people know you, or to create more business opportunities, please contact us. Please contact Lenny Lin, (408) 421-0948 or e-mail Email address is being protected from spambots. You need Javascript enabled to view it .

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1 one-stop service: We provide everything you need for Web and graphic solutions.

(2) Professional staff: Our team is a group of experienced and skilled web designers and developers.

3 Competitive Price: We use the latest tools, so you can have the most cost-effective solution.

4 intimate exclusive service: Our designers and developers will help you from start to finish to complete the construction.

With immediate effect will be shipped via China Website Advertise Contact Us Webitx, 10% discount on any web service ~ ~ ~


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Graphic Designer - No Budget Marketing Help?

I've been doing graphic design as a freelancer for about 10 years. I've lost a couple clients over the last year or so because my contacts left their jobs or publication departments stopped sending out freelance work. I still have my main bread and butter client, but I feel a lot less diversified now. I really haven't even had to look for work in a long time, but now I'm in a new city (Los Angeles area, for about 4 years).
It's not like I can afford to run print ads in the LA Times over and over until I get a new client. That can cost a fortune. In the past when I went to advertising club meetings or similar type setups, I tended to meet a lot of other people who were in there only to find work as well

Help Need Advice Please Part 1

I am 34 year old college grad with about $50,000 worth of credit card debt and have been unemployed since April of 2008. I graduated college in 1999 with a BFA and quickly moved into becoming a graphic designer. Working in smaller print shops and graphics houses I was able to get by but could never afford to pay car insurance so I cheated the system. I would pay for activation and the first month then cancel the policy, which would give me a proof of insurance card for the entire year, in case I was stopped. I did all the the things a dumb kid does, played in a band, spent money on drugs, ignoring the future and living extremely in the now

Networking Group - PR/Advertising/Marketing

I created a new Yahoo group designed to serve like a networking bulletin board in the Los Angeles area. A great way to get information out fast and free for professionals. I encourage people to join, make new friends and contacts and just share information. You can copy and paste the link at the bottom of this posting into your browser to be linked to the group homepage. Below is the group's mission.
This is a networking bulletin board for members of the Los Angeles area advertising, marketing, public relations, television, radio, print, printing, sales, writers, photographers, freelancers, recruitment and online media

Midland chef loses nearly 750 pounds  — Midland Reporter-Telegram
At his peak weight of nearly 960 pounds, he moved to Illinois to take up a graphic arts job. “The job didn't .. “I spent a lot of time in those nursing homes by myself, staring at the walls, online chatting, doing graphic design work, even online ..

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  • Avatar mediacenter What when where i looking for job and like to go USA Canada UK please help me i am 29 years Graphic Designer?
    Dec 13, 2008 by mediacenter | Posted in New York City

    I want to goto USA please help me someone sponser me please to goto America UK CANADA i am 29 years Graphic Designer looking for a job stay in Mumbai India contact number 0091 9322755723 , 0091 9322879549, please help me how can i goto usa canada uk and if possible sponser me please i am very much in need thank you

    • Don t you read the news? The U.S, Canada, and the U.K. are having serious economic problems. No one is going to sponsor a worker from India when there so many people in their own countries out of work, and looking for a job.