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Graphic and communication designer job opportunities  May 12, 2023 – 01:58 am

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Graphic and communication designer

Design and layouts

Whether in advertising agencies, publishing or as a freelancer: graphic and communication designers do not just need a creative streak, but also need to constantly stay on the ball in the face of new technological developments in the media sector.

ohannes Riffelmacher mag die Vielfalt in seinem Beruf. J ohannes Riffelmacher like the variety in his profession. "A typical day for me there is not, " says the graduate graphic designer. For almost two years the 25-year-old works at the Hamburg advertising agency Jung von Matt. Together with lyricist he developed for different customers and industries advertising ideas, so as posters, flyers or advertisements. "First, we get a briefing with a description of what the customer wants. Then we brainstorm together how to implement these ideas. Mostly it comes to offer the addressee of advertising something surprising, "says John Riffelmacher. The Junior Art Director outlined, with which pictures, illustrations, and fonts can visualize an idea. "I'm a so-called Scribble and agree it with my supervisor. Like the idea and the customer, it is implemented creatively. "Young Creative, who studied graphic and communication design at a private academy in Munich, has already won several design awards. The next career step for a junior art director like John Riffelmacher would climb to the art director. This position is connected in the hierarchy of an advertising agency with more freedom in terms of design.

Advertising agencies, publishing houses, fairs

John Riffelmacher

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Advertising and marketing are just one area where designers like John Riffelmacher operate. For example, they also work with publishing houses, newspapers and magazines to lay out print products. Or they specialize in online media, databases, virtual learning programs or websites. Especially the rapid developments in new media pose special requirements "is clearly at an advantage if you bring knowledge of programming languages ​​as a communication designer and understands something of the information architecture of websites. Insights in this area are important when designers and programmers work together to implement a design with electronic media, "says Hecker by Mirco Association of Communications Agencies (GWA). "There is a constant willingness to further expected. The media behavior change. Mobile Internet devices such as the iPhone are being used more frequently. Designers must remain and how information can be displayed on mobile devices on the ball. "

But whether for print or online: Thorough training is recommended for all applications. "Good design often needs a correspondingly good education, even if there are successful career changers, " says Friederike Sobiech of the Alliance of German Designers (AGD). Eileen Hacker, Persona activist at Jung von Matt, confirms this: "For entry as a graphic designer you should bring ideas and craftsmanship 'experiences. Say: A completed training as a media designer or a successful degree from a University of the first experiences through internships. After all, the popular graphics programs must be perfectly controlled to also implement their own ideas. In addition to this expertise, but mainly include curiosity, creative flair, cleverness, team spirit, precision, ambition, and of course passion for exceptional and innovative communication. "


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Freelancing means you spend the rest of your

Life looking for jobs.
If you know people need work done, and you can convince them to pay you for your work, then you bill them, report and pay your taxes (your clients will - that's the only way they can deduct your bill from THEIR taxes) and you are a freelancer. While you are working on their project, you are also looking around for other work, because if you wait until you are done with one job before finding another, you don't know how long it will take, and you may run out of money.
If you don't know anyone who needs work done, you will have to call strangers and ask them, go to networking meetings, buy advertising space, give free lectures, hire a salesperson, whatever

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