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Employment Working Student (m / f) in web and graphic design for 6 months  August 29, 2013 – 00:01

barcoo in Action

Often, relatively little is known about when purchasing the products that you buy. How healthy is the spread? If the deodorant harmful ingredients? How sustainable production of electronics manufacturers? Is there a better pizza for the same money?

In these and many other questions are barcoo answers. Our vision is that whenever a consumer wants to know more about a product, he uses barcoo. In implementing this vision and thus you can help bring more transparency to the consumer market.

With currently more than 10 million downloads in 4 countries barcoo is one of the most successful apps and the largest product guide Europe. We're not resting on our laurels, but continue to work to improve our service. We constantly develop new features and find interesting, relevant and independent information on everyday products.

Your contribution

You work with the Product Management barcoo to develop new feature in barcoo and supports media consulting team in the creation of new advertising tools.

Your Profile

  • Experience with Photoshop
  • First HTML and CSS skills
  • Office applications are not foreign to you
  • Experience in user interface design (for web or mobile)
  • Imagination and creativity in the design and development of barcoo

What to expect when you barcoo as a student in Web and Graphic Design

  • Product Management professional with short release cycles
  • To build systematic approach to cases / interfaces where the user is at the center
  • You come into a team that knows the future mobile market very well and played a major role
  • Flat hierarchies and short decision paths
  • A spacious office in Berlin-Kreuzberg with a lively working atmosphere
  • Powerful hardware
  • Internal Tech Talks and regular brainstorming sessions

Do you feel like part of our team and drive our success to be with? Then show us what is inside you and send us your application by mail to Yvonne: [email protected].

Source: www.barcoo.com

Graphic Artist's Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines (Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines)
Book (Graphic Artists Guild)

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Web designer jobs for graphic artists

I was wondering if anyone has ever interviewed for a web designer position? I've worked for years as a print graphic artist and over time my company has had me do more and more web graphics.
When you apply for a web designer position that is strictly web related, do you show a print portfolio or do you show screen captures of the graphics for web sites you've created? Would you not show any portfolio and just bring a list of urls?
Thank you

Freelance Illustration, Web Design, Graphics...

I am a recent college graduated from the University of Connecticut with a degree in Fine Arts. I had my concentration in illustration, but I also worked as a student web and graphic designer for the university for 4 years. I'm currently co-running a small shop in Easthampton, MA called Culture Null... however, the shop doesn't really make enough for me to live off of right now. I am also trying to make a living from freelance illustration, web design, and other graphic work. I live in Amherst and I'm around the Northampton area a lot. Does anyone know of any part-time or freelance jobs in this area that would require my skills? Or, if you hear of anything, feel free to drop me a line and let me know

Advertising on the web- Graphic Designers

Hello. I just started my own business:
know another woman who does the same as me, and she gets all her work off of advertising on Craigslist! I really find it hard to beleive that could sustain a business on its own, but she does very well. Do any of you know where a graphic/web designer could put up a link or a posting beside CL? Just looking for ideas to expand my fishing net.
Do regular job posting sites like Dice or Monster do anyone any good? Those sites got me full-time jobs in the past but I don't know if people go there looking for freelancers or service-based businesses

HUFFPOST HILL - Fifty Years After March On Washington, Still No White House ..  — Huffington Post
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Beach Graphic Pros (Occ116) Web Designer Worker Occupation 9"x12" Aluminum Novelty Parking Sign
Single Detail Page Misc (Beach Graphic Pros)
  • Great novelty sign for that hard to buy for person
Dreamweaver Photoshop Flash Web site design business with plate (graphic designer job training Books(Chinese Edition)
Book (China Water Power Press)
Spiders Clipart-Vinyl Cutter Plotter Clip Art Images-Sign Design Artwork-EPS Vector Art Graphics Software CD-ROM
Software (Bargain Vectors)
  • Here s a short list of what s included: 52 unique, ready to cut spiders images on 1 x CD-ROM. 4 Page printable digital catalog of all the images is included factory...
  • All images are royalty free and designed for commercial use. This product CANNOT be resold because the royalty free license isn t transferable. As long as you...
  • Every image is hand drawn and optimized for vinyl cutting. These images are compatible with all plotters and all major design, sign making, engraving and embroidery...
  • The Spiders Clipart pack is a must have for every graphic designer, sign maker and creative professional. You can expect outstanding vector image quality plus clean...
  • Spiders images on popular stock agency web sites cost any where from $10 - $15 to download 1-4 vector images with a standard license and it s likely not even optimized...

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  • Avatar mediacenter What when where i looking for job and like to go USA Canada UK please help me i am 29 years Graphic Designer?
    Dec 13, 2008 by mediacenter | Posted in New York City

    I want to goto USA please help me someone sponser me please to goto America UK CANADA i am 29 years Graphic Designer looking for a job stay in Mumbai India contact number 0091 9322755723 , 0091 9322879549, please help me how can i goto usa canada uk and if possible sponser me please i am very much in need thank you

    • Don t you read the news? The U.S, Canada, and the U.K. are having serious economic problems. No one is going to sponsor a worker from India when there so many people in their own countries out of work, and looking for a job.

  • Avatar Vaishak Can anybody please help me with low confidence, too much thinking, career guidance and goal setting?
    Jun 28, 2013 by Vaishak | Posted in Other - Careers & Employment

    I am a 20 yr old and right now i am in mumbai working after hsc. I lost subjects in science stream and took 2 yrs t complete it. Last year i started working leaving home as i was unable to show my face to my parents. I have given them shame when everyone my age are finishing their degree now. I am depressed and low on confidence. I don t seem to have a goal like most other people do. I dream of being rich, successful but i don t know where to start …

    • You cant expect other people to do it for you. You hae to do it yourself. Sittin there waiting or someone to tell you you can do it is only wasting time. The best motivation is yourself. Youll never start if you dont start. Find something you love. Like helping people, paramedic? Cop? Doctor? Not social? Computer programmer? Web site/graphic designer? So many things stop stalling yourself my friend. Stop with excuses. Get up and do it, good luck my …

  • Avatar nitu Animation jobs in hyderabad?
    Nov 13, 2008 by nitu | Posted in Drawing & Illustration

    Now i am doing graphic designer job in mumbaii am having 6 months experienceso i need job in hyderabad

    • You can look online for jobs concerning animation, where you can work through the internet In my small experience people are willing to do collaborations online I m sorry, I don t really have any background to help you. But if you go to they have a listing of job openings maybe check it out? EDIT: Someone here on Y!A asked for a graphic designer it out?