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Top 5 tools for designing web graphics  May 12, 2023 – 01:55 am

Top 5 tools for designing web graphics The web graphics has become in a few years one of the favorite tools of communicating on the Internet. Always placed in a good position in a content marketing strategy (content marketing), computer graphics is an effective way to approach a subject in an original way, attractive but also informative. This is in addition, if the graphics are well done (both in substance and in form), a way to talk about yourself and highlight its expertise, its activity. An infographic we're talking about networking, this is an infographic that will generate a large number of spontaneous links to the source, making the graphics a powerful bait links (link bait in English).piktochart screen Top 5 des outils pour concevoir une infographie web The Holy Grail sought by all those who seek to increase the visibility of a website. You want to start? Here is a presentation of five free tools to perform web and a list of your best sources for information graphics on the subject.

Piktochart 1. Piktochart

With over 100, 000 users, Piktochart is one of the best current online tools to create "WOW graphics!" The tool is easy to handle and the results are of high quality. In the free version, the tool provides a simple editor to use and very intuitive.infogram screen Top 5 des outils pour concevoir une infographie web Editing content is done using a simple drag / drop (drag and drop). The duties are varied and useful (color management, rotation, opacity control, group of items, multiple selection, duplication of elements ...).

In terms of ranking and visibility of content, Piktochart offers an answer to all those who asked the question: "And how I reference my graphics and the information it contains? "Until now, computer graphics editors usually added text describing the graphics and highlighting key information. Now, the graphics created using Piktochart integrate interactive layer that will allow search engines to analyze and reference content infographics!easelly screen Top 5 des outils pour concevoir une infographie web In the free version, features and tools Piktochart (themes, image banks, customization, hosting ...) are limited compared to paid versions.

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Info.gram is a tool for the creation, discovery and sharing of interactive charts and graphics. You can choose from several templates to create an infographic. Then add the data and customize the graphics before sharing on social networks and publish on its website or blog. Since February 2013, already more than 400, 000 graphics that have been achieved through the tool. In a few minutes it is possible to make an infographic: The data can be imported from an Excel spreadsheet or CSV then configured in the tool. In terms of features, note that the user can change text, fonts (size, type, color ...), include photos, graphics and even video! The graphics and graphics created Info.gram are hosted on a server. In a word, a tool EXTRA not miss.

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3. e

easelly is a new tool, available beginning in February 2013 in its beta. Nevertheless, it is already more than 100, 000 graphics that have been made by the community. It allows you to create and share graphics online. You have at your disposal a set of content (themes, icons and various graphic elements. Easelly mode of operation using drag and drop (drag and drop) is simple and very accessible. Finally, if inspiration is not yours, then you can see the graphics of the community and use the items that interest you. easelly is a tool to monitor!

visually Top 5 des outils pour concevoir une infographie web icharts Top 5 des outils pour concevoir une infographie web


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  • Avatar s What graphic design software should I use?
    Mar 06, 2013 by s | Posted in Software

    I am looking to download a graphic design software , but I don t know which one I should buy. I am just going to be using it for small projects at home, not for a business. Here is a list of my criteria. -Easy to understand -Reliable -Inexpensive ( idealy under $25) -Many different styles and designs I hope that I am not asking to much! If you have any advice for me I would be grateful. Thank You!!

    • Here are 35 programs you can try out more detail is available about each one at the link posted, as my answer would be way too long otherwise and yahoo wouldn t let me post them with all the descriptions. Paint, Drawing and Graphics Programs Gimp Ultimate Paint Skencil Pixia InkScape SmoothDraw NX ImageForge Brush Strokes Project Dogwaffle Sodipodi Karbon14 ArtWeaver GimpShopdotnet ImageMagick Animation …